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Dynamic 2.0 Fixator 



The Dynamic 2.0 is an external linear fixator designed to stabilize fractures in dogs of body weight between 10 and 30 kg. Its peculiar feature, which makes it unique among the veterinary external fixators, is that it allows to perform compression and distraction on the fracture, as well as the dynamization of the bone callus. As usual for external fixation, the addition of pins and changes in the frame structure may profoundly affect the biomechanical properties of the fixator, allowing its use in heavier patients. Being almost impossible to describe all the potential variations of the fixator features that can influence its biomechanical properties, it is the surgeon's experience to dictate the patient's weight that fits with a specific frame configuration.


Radius-ulna diaphyseal fracture stabilization by dynamizable fixator.


Technique for reduction and stabilization of a diaphyseal tibial fracture by a dynamizable fixator.

Use of the dynamizable fixator

Compresion - Distraction

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