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Course of advanced linear fixation for fracture stabilization
Topics of this event

Although external fixation has historically been regarded as a unique and repetitive method of stabilizing fractures, in recent years new fixators have been introduced that greatly changed this way of seeing the application of the technique.

The most significant change is about the radiolucency of the frame. This is a big help for the surgeon to appreciate the evolution of the fracture, without the radiographic interference by the frame. Then, even more sophisticated functions can be fully exploited using modern fixators.

Intraoperative distraction and compression can be used to realign overlapped fracture fragments or to compress unstable fractures or delayed union, respectively. Dynamization came give to early bone callus the mechanical stimulus to mature in a much shorter time than with just standard evolution.

The aim of the course is to give the participants the information to properly select the candidates for the specific type of fixator to be used, and to provide the technical information for the correct use of the different types of fixators that will be used during the labs.

Case discussion will provide in-depth information about the rationale for specific technical choices in the speakers experience.

Where: The event will be held in Pulawy Science and Technology Park, at ul. Moscickiego 1 in Puławy 24-110 (Puławy), Poland

When: The event will be held on the 2019-06-15 and will be beginning at 14:30

It will end on 2019-06-16 at 13:00


Mobile nr: +48 723 265 656

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