Technique for stabilizatio of a humeral supracondylar fracture

Tie-in construct

1. Examine the fracture. Usually, the distal segment is displaced medially and in recurvatus.

2. Insert a pin in a retrograde way, exuting in the proximal metaphysealarea of the humerus.

3. Retract the pin from the proximal side until it lies sharp with the fracture border.

4. Reduce the fracture and stabilize it by inserting the pin in the medial epicondyle.

5. Insert one pin in the condyle and one in the proximal metaphyseal area, and connect them by a carbon bar.

6. Complete the stabilization, and then connect the intramedullary pin with the proximal pin. In most cases, a single connecting bar is strong enough.

7. In case of a heavy or hyperactive patient, a double bar frame construct can be used.

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