Pelvis fracture and articular process of sacrum stabilization

By linear radiolucent fixator

1. Look at the fracture and the way it is displaced 

2. Insert the first pin in the ilial wing of the stable hemi-pelvis

3. Insert the second pin in the ischial tuberosity of the stable hemi-pelvis 

4. Connect the two pins by a carbon bar by means of radiolucent clamps. 

5. The same assembly is to be connected to the fractured hemi-pelvis, taking into account the 
different reference points. 

6. Use the frame as an handle to reduce the fracture.

Usually, a caudal and abducting force is to be applied.   

7. Reduce the fracture by aligning the articular process of the sacrum and the pubic synphysis. Note 
that disto-proximal alignment of the hemi-pelvis 
should be checked as well. 

8. Stabilize the frame construct by connecting the caudal and cranial portions of the carbon bars by other bars. The cranial and caudal pins can be connected also. 

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