1. Distal tibia fracture.

2. Insert a K wire parallel to the distal articular surface, and connect it to a ring.

Technique for reduction and stabilizationof a distal tibia fracture

By circular frame

3. Insert a K wire parallel to the proximal articular surface, and connect it with a 3/4 ring with the opening oriented caudall .

4. Connect the rings with threaded bars and hemispherical nuts and washers, taking care the length of the bars is enough to distract the fracture.

5. Distract the fracture by lengthening the threaded bars.
Use two bars for standard distraction, three bars if the tension makes the fragment to incline.

6. Once the fracture is distracted, correct traslational and rotational deformities to achieve the best possible fracture reduction and alignment.

7. Stabilize the distal fragment by a second K wire, and the proximal one by a pin on a rail.

8. Stabilize the fracture as required.

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