Technique for stabilizatio of a distal tibia fracture 

By radiolucent linear frame


1. Distal tibia fracture with dislocation


2. Insert a pin at the proximal end of the proximal bone segment and the distal end of the dista one.


3. Connect the pins to clamps on a carbon connecting bar, but don't tighten them. Take care the lenght of the bars is enough to distract the fracture.


4. Holding the pins, apply a distraction force to the fracture area.

5. As soon as the fracture is reduced, firmly secure the pin to the clamp, in order to stabilize the fracture.


6. Add a second pin to clamp in distal fragment, and a second pin with a second clamp to the proximal one.


7. Lock each clamp to the connecting bar. Complete the stabilization as required by the fracture features.