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Trans-articular Frame

Technique for tibio tarsal transarticular frame construct


1. Once the appropriate procedure on the
tarsal joint has been performed, measure the
distance from the distal third of the tibia to the
center of the tarsus. This will be the distance
between the proximal ring and the hinge.

2. Measure the distance between the proximal part of the MTT bones to the center of the tarsus. This will be the distance between the distal ring and the hinge.

3. Preassemble the frame, connecting each side of the proximal ring to the distal ring by a proximal and a distal threaded bar. They should correspond to the first and second previous measurement, respectively. The bars should be connected by a hing at their junction.

4. Once the frame is ready, autoclave it and it’s ready to be used during surgery. Place the frame so that the hinge’s axis (fulcrum of the frame) will be aligned with the axis of the tarsus.

5. Stabilize the frame with the tarsus by just one K wire on the proximal and distal ring.
Check the alignment of the hinges with the tarsus, flexing and extending the joint and
evaluating that the frame is not displaced
during the movement. If this occurs, you may
need to change the position of the hinges.

6. When you are satisfied with the correspondence  of the movement of the frame together with the joint, you can add stability to the frame by further K wires and pins.

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