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Technique for stabilizatio of a distal tibia fracture 

By tie-in radiolucent linear fixator


1. Distal tibia fracture with dislocation.

2. Insert a small-dismeter IM pin in a retrograde fashion, starting from the distal end of the proximal fragment.

3. Exit the pin from the proximal tibia, and retract it from the proximal end until the distal tip is barely visible at the fracture line. Take care it doesn't exit too much, to avoid it interferes during fracture reduction.

4. Reduce the fracture and stabilize it inserting the distal fragment.

5. Insert a treated pin in the most proximal and most distal area of the tibia.

6. Stabilize the pins by a carbon bar and a hook each pean. DO NOT use any bar hook at this point of the procedure.

7. Insert one more pin in the distal part of the proximal fragment, and one in the proximal part of the distal one. The latter should be aligned to the proximal hole of the clamp.

8. When you are satisfied with the reduction,, lock the clamps to the carbon bar by means of the bar hooks.

9. Bend the IM and connect it to the carbon bar by means of a clamp with a hook.

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