Bone Lengthening & Transport

Technique for tibio tarsal transarticular frame construct

Technique for bone lengthening & transport

1. Bone lengthening: take the plastic pipe simulating the bone.

2. Construct a frame like the following one. Connect the proximal 3/4 ring and the distal ring to the bone, leaving the middle ring free. Be sure you have enough bar lenght left for distraction on the distal side of the frame.

3. Perform the osteotomy in the desired position for

4. Apply distraction lengthening the threaded bars, acting on the nuts on the distal ring.

5. Check you achieve the distraction; note that the
exceeding bars' length has been used for this, and the overall frame length increased.

6. To start with bone transport: connect the middle ring to the bone, and perform an osteotomy distal to it, to obtain a bone cylinder for transport.

7. Apply distraction between the distal and middle rings, acting on the nuts onthe middle ring.

8. Perform the transport until you reach the proximal bone stump. Note that that the overall frame length stays the same.

9. Perform compression at the docking site, if needed.

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