1. Distal radius-ulna fracture.

2. Insert the most distal K wire and connect it
with the ring.

3. Insert the most proximal K wire and connect it with the ¾ ring.

4. Connect the rings by means of threaded rods.

5. Distract the fracture acting on the nuts on
the threaded bars.

6. Perform the requested adjustments of the
axis sliding the bone along the K wires.

7. Perform the requested adjustment of
torsional deformities by rotating the rings (you may require hemisphere nuts and washers for this procedure).

Reduction and stabilization of a distal radius-ulna fracture

By mini circular fixator

8. Achieve a correct clinical alignment before any further stabilization.

9. Stabilize the fragments by adding a second K-wire each.

10. Stabilize the distal part of the proximal
fragment by a K-wire hold by two radiolucent  support.

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