Reduction and stabilization of  a diaphyseal tibia fracture

By a rail fixator

1. Fracture of the distal third of the tibial diaphysis 

2. Insert a pin in each fragment close to the fracture site 

3. Select the rail fixator of the appropriate lenght. 

4. Connect the first pin to the rail by means of a post  and a clamp, but don't tighten them. 

5. Do the same with the distal pin.

5. Do the same with the distal pin.

6. Insert and lock a bolt proximally and distally to the

7. Introduce a distractor within the two pins.

8. Progressively open the distractor, thus distracting the fracture until it can be reduced.

9. Once you're satisfied with the fracture reduction, thighten the post and clamp of both
pins in order to stabilize them.

10. Check for the fracture reduction, and adjust it as needed.

11. Add pins as needed for further stabilization.

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