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Technique for stabilization of a distal tibia fracture 

By T-frame radiolucent linear fixator 


1. Very distal tibia fracturewith dislocation.

2. Insert a short and a longer carbon bar in the trought of each clamp with 3 aligned holes.

3. Connect the two bars tinghtening the double clamp by means of a M3 screw, in order to form a T frame.

4. Insert a pin in the distal fragment from cranio-medial to caudo-lateral direction.

5. Connect the treaded pin to the shorter carbon bar by a clamp with a hook.

6. Insert a pin in the proximal fragment and stabilize the frame to the bone connecting it to the longer carbon bar by means of a clamp with hook.

7. Insert one more pin in the distal fragment in a cranio-lateralto craudo-medial directio, and connect it to the shorter carbon bar by a clamp with a hook.

8. The angle between the pins is much more stable as they approach 90°.

9. Stabilize the proximal fragment adding pins as required, and stabilizing them to the longer carbon bar.

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