External fixation

Technique for wire tensioning 

1. Insert the K wire through the annulated screw on the far side of the ring.

2. Insert the rectangular washer (5 mm hole) underneath the K wire.

3. Insert the screw with the hole through the slot in the ring.

4. Put on the screw the round washer (5 mm hole) and the M5 nut on the opposite side of the ring.

5. Tighten the bolt VERY FIRMLY, to avoid any K wire slippage.

6. Put a second bolt on the far side of the ring, but DO NOT TIGHTEN IT.

7. Insert the wire tensioner on the K wire, paying
attention to match the head clamp to the washer.

8. There should be no space left between the
tensioner’s head clamp and the ring.

9. Tighten the screw on the back of the tensioner.

10. You realize when the screw is tighten enough
because of the K wire bending.

11. Tension the K wire pushing on the tensioner’s

12. Lock the tensioner by tightening the locking nut on the side while maintaining the pressure on the handles.

13. You can release pressure on the handles when the tensioner is locked, and measure the tension using the conversion chart.

14. Feel the tension of the K wire by your index

15. When you are satisfied with the wire’s tension, tighten the nut on the near side of the ring.

16. Release the locking nut on the tensioner’s
side, then release the screw locking the K wire.

17. Slide the tensioner off the K wire.

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